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Bendib: Cracks in the Apartheid Wall


© Khalil Bendib

2 comments on “Bendib: Cracks in the Apartheid Wall

  1. The Fanonite
    27 January, 2007

    It seems like levee is indeed on its way towards collapse. The following sounds almost metaphorical:

    The president’s looming indictment is the latest installment in a seemingly endless chain of corruption and sex scandals rocking the Israeli political establishment. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert faces a criminal probe over his role in a bank privatization; the justice minister is up for sexual harassment; the finance minister for corruption, as is the country’s top tax man.

    Light unto nations, as they say!

  2. peoplesgeography
    28 January, 2007

    Thanks for the comment, Ed, and an apt play on words over at your place with “blight”.

    I’m still ruminating on your thoughtful comment about the neo-neo split (Big Oil Neolibs vs the zionist Neocons), with their somewhat at odds strategies of strong central government to enable control on the one hand (Big Oil) and chaos and fragmentation/ divide and conquer on the other (neocons). I wonder to what extent those vaunted differences hold — I know this split was most visible during the ISG group and report, and people like James Petras make a similar compelling distinction (also see here) between two competing power blocs. I’m just not sure that their ostensible differences in this intra-elite confrontation don’t outweigh their mutual interests or that they will coalesce. Will have to read more into this, I think.

    Petras’s article sets out this dilemma and the article warranted re-visiting for me:

    “…the ZCCM policy of promoting Israel’s Middle East supremacy is enormously damaging to some of the biggest petroleum and financial institutions in the US. At a time when the headlines of the major financial press read “seas of cash flooding into the Gulf brings an explosion of investment companies”, “Dubai plans fund to tap Gulf liquidity” and “Global insurers see rich seam to be mined in Saudi Arabia”, (Financial Times Oct 19, 2006 p.4), the White House and Pentagon plot new highly destabilizing military confrontations with Syria and Iran, potentially wrecking hundreds of billions of dollars in lucrative investments, contracts and returns. The entire Zioncon political apparatus is the only major force in the US consistently pushing for Congressional and Executive military action jeopardizing the potential profits of major US petroleum, investment banking, insurance and other key sectors of the US global economic elite. The paradox is that many of the same wealthy investment bankers eager to tap into the Middle East bonanza are the same groups, which finance the AIPAC-Zioncon warmongers. This raises concerns of cross pressures, double allegiances, tribal loyalties and dollar signs!”

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